Idea contest winners!

May 7, 2013

The winners of the IDEA part of the competition have been found! Check them out below. Almost 70 ideas was submitted – some great, some good – all welcome! Other than these three winners we will showcase some of the other submissions until the festival begins.

Winners (in random order)

Fix my Festival by Martin Buch

Here is my idea for a festival app:

How about a “fix-my-festival” app. An app where you can tip festival officials on a problem that needs to be fixed – something broken, out of order or messy. You take a picture and/or describe the problem and tag it with your GPS-location. A feed will be send to the festival headquarter where they can prioritize and fix the problems.

Maybe the app can include a social feed, where other festival guests can see the posted problems, and help fix them

I added a few examples on how the app could look (very simple design)

Chosen because: It’s a great idea that’s almost too simple but still unlike any we’ve had in the 3 years LABS have been running. There’s a lot of volunteers at Roskilde but there’s also always a lot to be done. This could help them out a lot! And even better – regular festival goers might chime in and help fix whatever.

Music for Money by Mads Møller

Music for money is a fundraiser app that allow concertgoers to raise money for charity by collecting donations from pledges for going to concerts. It’s the walkathon of concerts. Every stage has check in points and as you check in at concerts your concert counter bumps up collecting more and more money for charity!

Chosen because: Giving to the less fortunate by going to concerts is totally in the spirit of Roskilde Festival. An unlike most of the submissions it’s already got somewhat of a business element to it which makes it even more viable to make today! (Do it!)

ROSKILDE mAPP by Rasmus Fly Filbert

The idea is to make an app that combines the social life of the festival, which benefits the user, and the ability for the festival to improve the festival, based on how the audience uses the festival.

Chosen because: While Rasmus' idea isn’t ground breaking – we always receive tons of “Map App”-ideas – his slides are a sight to behold. His submission is rich in both thought and detail, though some of it might be a challenge to turn into reality due to battery limits.

App contest

Now, the IDEA competition is over but the APP competition is still on an the play schedule is coming up. Get coding people!


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