App Competitions

There are two competitions for you to participate in.

Participating in one doesn't exclude the other so get building!

Idea contest

 3 winners of 1 ticket

Please include in submission:
  1. Description of the app
    • Be precise. You should be able to describe your app's primary functionality in around two paragraphs (or less).
    • Be original. If you're going to submit "a concert calendar" at least have an original approach.
    • Dream big. It's only ideas — don't hold yourself back.
  2. Some kind of drawing/picture/wireframe
    • Submissions must have some kind of visualization of the app idea. Whether you use pen & paper, Photoshop or PowerPoint is up to you.
  3. Your name and email
    • Obviously.
Deadline 1/5 12:00

Submission deadline reached — Thanks to everyone who've sent something in!

App contest

 3 winners of (up to 3) tickets for your whole team
Please include in submission
  1. Description of the app
    • Even though your app is pretty self-explanatory, write a couple of lines describing it's primary feature(s).
  2. Link to app (and optional app website)
    • AppStore, Google Play, direct link to web app, obscure beta-testing methods. Everything goes as long as we can test it (or at least see it in action).
  3. Some screenshots
    • Your app will be showcased on Labs' website as well as the official festival website and app. Make it look as pretty as it deserves.
  4. Your team name
    • As well as your contact info. So we can contact you if you've won!
Deadline 24/6 12:00 (EXTENDED!)

Your app doesn't have to be done and public by this date, we just need you submission. Get in touch, we'll work it out.

Submission deadline reached — Thanks to everyone who've sent something in!